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Provides Information on Inmate Labor and Work Space Opportunities Inside Secure Facilities. Tax incentives, Lower Production Costs

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Joint Venture Program has launched a new web portal for companies looking to lower their cost of production:

The Joint Venture Program (JVP) allows companies to establish enterprises inside California’s prisons to employ inmates. Employers pay comparable wages but save substantially on employment benefit costs, e.g. 50% on Workers’ Compensation Insurance and state tax credits. Employees selected to participate have a strong desire to work and learn job skills.

“We are offering this program to businesses worldwide who will find the benefits attractive,” said Joint Venture Administrator Gary Bush. “There are many advantages to operating in California with a workforce on site and highly motivated to work.”

Established by the California Department of Corrections as a result of Proposition 139 in 1990, the program is now managed by the California Prison Industry Authority, which administers all inmate-work programs in California prisons.

The JVP reduces idleness and provides inmates with enhanced job skills leading to opportunities to return to society as productive citizens.

CALPIA is a self-financed and self-sufficient state entity that receives all of its revenue from the sale of products it manufactures. The recidivism rate among CALPIA inmates is more than 25 percent lower than the general prison population, a success attributed to the job skills they receive by working in CALPIA business enterprises.

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