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Joint Venture Programs

Social Advantages

Last updated: May 17, 2021

Developing Sound Work Habits & Gaining Experience

The Joint Venture Program (JVP) allows inmates an opportunity to develop the skills, work ethic, and leadership needed to obtain a meaningful and productive job upon release. With real-world, hands-on experience, inmates are equipped with the ability to translate their work experience into a real work environment.

9% Recidivism Rate

As well-trained, skilled and financially independent workers, inmates return more successfully to society as productive citizens with a purpose and a work ethic that reduces their chances of returning back to prison. The JVP helps to create motivated adults and to substantially reduce recidivism.

Paying Back to Society

From the inmates’ wages, after paying in federal and state income taxes, the following deductions and distributions are made:

  • 20% is sent to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation as a reimbursement for room and board;
  • 20% is used to pay inmates’ restitution fines or paid directly to local crime victims’ programs;
  • 20% is sent directly to the inmate’s family for support or used to pay court ordered wage garnishments (i.e., child support);
  • 20% is deposited in a mandatory savings account which is available to the inmate upon his/her parole; and
  • The remaining 20% of the inmates’ net pay is placed in their trust account at the institution for personal use.

Joint Venture Program - incarcerated individuals posting a group picture